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The Post-2015 EFA Agenda: The Role of UNESCO

In Historia, Política y Economía Internacionales on June 8, 2014 at 10:53 pm


By Maren Elfert, University of British Columbia.

UNESCOSince the inception of UNESCO in 1945, there have been differing views on the role of the organization. While some stressed its intellectual role, others propagated a limited functional mandate for the organization. The tension between these two positions runs like a thread through the history of UNESCO. It can be illustrated by highlighting the disconnect between the Education for All (EFA) initiative and the two major educational reports published by UNESCO: Learning to be (the so called Faure report), published in 1972; and Learning: The treasure within (the so called Delors report), published in 1996.[1]

The Faure report and the Delors report

Despite the 24 years that lie between them, the reports have many similarities. Both have a political-philosophical character in that they drafted a utopia of global justice and tied educational ideas to the overall development of society, to equality and…

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